Responsible Gaming ✅ Every player on the platform is an adult

Lodislot Casino encourages our players to have fun without letting gaming interfere with their daily lives and take up time with family and friends.

Make sure that the amount you spend on gaming is only the change or spare money you have left after deducting all expenses in your life. It is very important that gaming is not a means of making a living because you are not guaranteed to make a profit from it.

Lodislot guarantees

  • Every player on the platform is an adult;
  • The software is of high quality and honest;
  • You can stop playing at any time.

Lodislot for minors

If you wish to play gambling games at Lodislot, you must be at least 18 years of age or, as required by law, have reached the legal minimum age required for gambling in the jurisdiction in which you reside.

We recommend that if you have minors in your household, you review the following links to parental control software that may be useful tools for controlling and limiting the content that is accessible on your device.

The quality of life/psychology of players at Lodislot is of the utmost importance to us, we take our role in responsible gambling very seriously and recommend that you:

  • Betting is for entertainment only and plan your betting budget in advance
  • Don’t make large bets that are beyond your means
  • Don’t play big bets that you can’t afford to lose
  • Don’t keep thinking about turning over the original
  • Don’t let gaming take up time you should be spending on other activities

Please note that accounts closed under Lodislot self-exclusion policy cannot be revoked or reopened for any reason. However, after your account reaches the self-scheduling date, we will notify you via email that your account has been activated. Permanent self-exclusions will be retained indefinitely.